Graham has written many articles for the Divine website. Divine is a website for people with disabilities. A few of those articles were about science fiction and technology, including articles about characters with disabilities in science fiction and smart homes.

cover of Time Machines Repaired While-U-Wait

A Novel Approach to Writing

The article is about several authors who have disabilities. One of the authors interviewed is acclaimed science fiction Author KA Bedford whose novel Time Machines Repaired While-U-Wait won the Aurealis award.

Disability in Science Fiction

This article has a look at characters with disabilities in science fiction television and books.

picture of two cute small robots

Robots and Disabilities

Robots are already used to help people with dementia and autism.

Looking to the Future

Spectacles with inbuilt computers like Google Glass, have many potential uses for people with disabilities. Hopefully a company will soon bring them to reality.

picture of smart phone home controller

Smart Homes

Technology is being used to create Smart homes that make life a lot easier for people with disabilities.

Climate Change and Your Health

Climate change is already having a massive affect on the health of many in the world. The article details how people with disabilities are among those who will be most affected.

Graham has many other articles on disability subjects on the Divine website.