Toyota Mirai

About The Mirai

What is the Mirai?

The Toyota Mirai is a revolutionary new sedan powered by hydrogen. The engine of the Mirai converts hydrogen into electricity to power an electric motor.

Performance equal to petrol fueled vehicles

The vehicle has the performance equal to that of similar sized sedans, as the specifications below show. It can travel 400 miles before needing refueling, and has a top speed of around 110 mph. Its price, at around $60,000, is comparable to other luxury sedans, including hybrid and battery powered electical vehicles.

Easy to refuel

Environmentally friendly

The Mirai is perfect for consumers who really care about the environment and want to do their part in reducing America's greenhouse gas emissions. It releases zero greenhouse gas emissions. Its only emission is water.

Advantages over electric vehicles


Hydrogen fuel tanks have many safety features, like alarms, seal valves and seal fuel lines to manage any potential leaks. In fact, there’s significantly more energy and explosive potential in a gasoline fuel tank than in a hydrogen cell fuel tank.

image of miria


FuelCompressed hydrogen gas
Refueling timeApproximately 5 minutes
Power Output153 HP
Emissions RatingZero Emissons Vehicle
Maximum Speed110 mph
Cruising Range400 miles
Accelertion0-60 mph in 9 seconds
Seating Capacity4
interior of mirai